Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Renewables Up, Nuclear Flat in French Energy Plan

Hopefully this article provides a fair overview of France's future energy mix plans, although the inclusion of, "a new nuclear electricity tax is expected to finance the installation of renewables... but details remain to be defined" indicates Hollande might prefer to be more foolish.
Not sure appointing an ex-spouse to push through an election promise doesn't indicate a similar preference, but...

Renewables Up, Nuclear Flat in French Energy Plan - IEEE Spectrum:
After months of negotiation, the French government has unveiled a long-awaited energy plan that is remarkably true to its election promises. The legislation's cornerstone is the one-third reduction in the role of nuclear power that President François Hollande proposed on the campaign trail in 2012.
Under the plan, nuclear's share of the nation's power generation is to drop from 75 percent to 50 percent by 2025, as renewable energy's role rises from 15 percent today to 40 percent to make up the difference...
...Royal's plan merely caps the current level of nuclear power generated by Paris-based EDF. If renewable output and total electricity generation rises, the government could deliver its promised drop in the proportion of nuclear without shuttering a single reactor.
Royal's plan does call for a 50-percent cut in total energy consumption by 2050, but it aims to do that by cutting fossil fuel use in buildings and vehicles. One of the proposed avenues for accomplishing that is accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles.

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