Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Memo to Anti-Coal Warriors: Make Nuclear Peace

As close to a must-read for pro-nuclear environmentalists as anything I've seen

William Tucker: Memo to Anti-Coal Warriors: Make Nuclear Peace - WSJ:

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a 645-page ruling whose basic aim is to cut coal plants out of the mix in producing the nation's electricity. States will supposedly be given a choice, but the only real way to meet the agency's demands for carbon-dioxide reductions will be to cut back on coal. All this will be a devastating blow to the Midwestern economy, driving up energy prices for everyone, while having only the slightest impact on global warming. 
There is a great irony to this. In the early 1970s, coal was being phased out as the nation's principal source of electricity. The initial concerns about air pollution had focused on coal, and environmental groups such as the Sierra Club were campaigning to lift the 20-year-old ban on imported oil so we could replace coal with low-sulfur oil from Libya and Indonesia. 
All this came to a halt with the Arab oil embargo of 1973-74...
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