Thursday, January 27, 2011

what God Gave Them: Sun, Wind, Rain, and Uranium

Quotes From, President and CEO of Bruce Power, Duncan Hawthorne's Speech to the Empire Club, January 20, 2011
"The challenge for Canada – and it’s really very obvious in the media right now – is what kind of industry do we want? What kind of industry do we see? The one thing I know from my experience in this industry is you cannot be schizophrenic about the nuclear power industry. It requires sponsorship – not subsidy; it requires sponsorship and commitment. And my message to anyone who has interest in fixing some of the issues with our nuclear program are about start there. Start with a view of what you want to be. I would argue that, if Canada sees itself as being an energy superpower, then it has to be more than just digging for oil. It has to be broader than that. It has to be a leadership role."
"And the challenge for us as an industry, which is the second part of the building block, is for 30‐plus years we have demonstrated our ability to operate our plants in Canada safety and to the highest standard. We’ve passed that test. But as an industry, what we have not passed is a test that shows we can refurbish these plants on time and on budget, and we can be trusted to do that. You know, clearly our restart project has been a challenge. And frankly, I think the criticism we’ve received, some of it is warranted. But behind that big story is a tremendous story of engineering innovation."
"But let me finish by saying, for those people that criticize the supply mix, my logic has always been the same: there is a role for every type of technology in this province; it’s just a question of how much makes sense. We are a – we are a unique province. But the one thing I would tell you is most countries, most places I’ve been, they use what God gave them: sun, wind, rain, and uranium."

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