Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Poland Looks Away from Germany on Energy Policy

A simple Google translation of a Spiegal Online article in German (bold italics are mine):

Overcome on the way to energy policy, Germany has still many hurdles. One of them may soon emerge on the German-Polish border: A map of Poland, green electricity from Germany to regulate more, alarmed, according to a report obtained by SPIEGEL, German energy expert. "When excess wind and solar power can not be discharged abroad, then the German power grid unstable," warns the head of the German Energy Agency (Dena), Stephan Kohler.
The background is that the Polish network operator PSE Operator is planning to build on the value of current locks.This is to prevent the Federal Republic of forwards excess eco-electricity. The operators of Polish coal-fired powerplants must in such cases the plants shut down suddenly to avoid an overload. In Warsaw, one worries that theongoing high-power stations and shutdown are not up to it and by an unexpected surplus of energy could even lead to a blackout.Therefore, in future, so-called phase-shift interrupt the current flow between the two countries. Surplus energy would then be distributed in the German network, which would increase this side of the border, the risk of blackouts.
Dena Head Kohler is now demanding an accelerated expansion of power lines from eastern to southern Germany."The federal government also needs to quickly get in touch with Poland and other neighboring countries,negotiations to the European energy policy to vote," said Kohler.
Earlier this year Poland invited Germany to comment on Polish nuclear plans.

Perhaps they already received a response - and disliked it.

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