Monday, December 12, 2011

Spin Room: Electricity Market costs helps Ontario keep revenues down for Families.

Electricity Market Benefits Ontarians is the release from the government.

Ontario's electricity market generated over $16 million in November by exporting electricity to other states and provinces, bringing total net export revenues to nearly $264 million this year.
This revenue helps Ontario:
  • Keep costs down for families
  • Build and maintain a clean, reliable and modern electricity system
These people are delusional - or deceptive - or maybe dyslexic.

Some updated graphics for 12-month running averages.

The first shows the estimated cost, per MWh, of exported electricity (at the Hourly Ontario Energy Price - HOEP), compared to the cost  in Ontario (the HOEP plus the Global Adjustment).
Benefiting families in Quebec, Michigan and New York.

These are the figures we can make estimates with.  Exports in November were much higher than reported, as I noted here.

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