Wednesday, December 26, 2012

FPL brings online cheap nuclear in Florida - expensive wind in Ontario

Florida Power and Light now has more nuclear production, due to uprating projects in it's ome market, which is expected to cost it's customers there less than 5 cents/kWh.

St. Lucie nuclear power extended to another 150,000 homes »
ST. LUCIE COUNTY — Florida Power & Light Co. is producing more power that will light more homes and help the utility giant keep fuel costs down, after completing upgrades at its South Hutchinson Island power plant, officials said.
The extra capacity will add about 150,000 homes to the 500,000 homes currently served by the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant throughout South Florida and along Florida's east coast. Each unit's capacity was increased by about 163 megawatts, or 17 percent, from its original 839 megawatts, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
The base rate, which pays for daily operating costs, was $43.26 in 2012. It will rise in January to $47.02, but customers' fuel charges — the cost of the fuel used to produce electricity — will drop by more than $4, resulting in a net savings.
FPL has the lowest power bills in Florida and expects that to continue, spokesman Doug Andrews said. The typical bill for 1,000 kilowatt hours was $94.62 in 2012 and will drop to $94.25 from January to May 2013, a savings of 37 cents.

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