Wednesday, December 12, 2012

High Energy Use Families Face UK Government Intervention

I wrote on smart metering in Ontario yesterday, suggesting utilities, and governments, should stay on their side of the meter.
Today I was sent a link to this article, suggesting "behaviour change interventions..." in the U.K.  
Consumers should argue to keep the utility on their side of the meter; nobody needs your internal usage data by appliance.

A 127-page report released at the same time, from consultants Rand Europe, highlights global initiatives aimed at cutting energy use.
One example saw a community of around 300 households in San Marcos, California compile their own energy-use league table which led to the high-energy users reducing consumption.
Rand highlight measures which adopt “intervention” strategies which target “high energy-use households” and “team-based approaches which use peer support (and pressure) as a way to encourage changes in behaviour”.
Rand concludes: “It would seem that the key to maximising returns could be to better target the programmes at groups that have scope for making the greatest savings.
“Although evidence is limited, it suggests that one of these target groups should be those that currently have the highest levels of energy usage.“This is an area where there may be a window of opportunity for aligning behaviour change interventions with programmes seeking to encourage investment in energy-saving infrastructure improvements.”
High Energy Use Families Face UK Government Intervention

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