Tuesday, January 15, 2013

California to Give Web Courses a Big Trial

The massive open online course is being modified in order to educate high school entrants to San Jose University so that they are prepared for university.
Maybe working with the programs at a high school level would be the suggestion from a different governor 

A plan to offer an array of online college classes at a California state university could, if the students are successful, open the door to teaching hundreds of thousands of California students at a lower cost via the Internet.
Udacity, a Silicon Valley start-up that creates online college classes, will announce a deal on Tuesday with San Jose State University for a series of remedial and introductory courses.
Because the courses are intended to involve the classroom instructor, it could also help to blunt professors’ unease with the online classes.
The state university’s deal with Udacity is also the first time that professors at a university have collaborated with a provider of a MOOC — massive open online course — to create for-credit courses with students watching videos and taking interactive quizzes, and receiving support from online mentors.
California to Give Web Courses a Big Trial - NYTimes.com:

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