Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Priority grid access, at least…"

The one thing Germany looks like it may keep from it's feed-in tariff program is probably the first thing that should have gone - in my opinion.

"Priority grid access, at least…" - 100% renewable - Renewables International:
The German renewables community is increasingly concerned about whether priority grid access for renewables will come under the hammer. Up to now, the focus has been on the level of feed-in tariffs. At a reception held by German renewables organization BEE in Berlin, German Environmental Minister Altmaier seemed to indicate a commitment to priority grid access, though a number of subsequent comments revealed a willingness to compromise.
"I believe we will want to stick by priority grid access," Minister Altmaier stated at the reception. But when the crowd broke into 30 seconds of applause at the announcement, the minister made no attempt to shout over the noise as he continued, "at least…"
Read the entire article at Renewables International:

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