Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Volkwagen's German facilities consume more power than Jamaica

... and they generate 63% of it themselves - a share they are increasing as the car industry turns away from the German grid

BMW Adds Wind Power to Sidestep Merkel’s Power Bill - Bloomberg:
Daimler this year plans to open a 17 million-euro gas-fired plant to supply power and heat at its truck factory in the western city of Woerth. The company says the plant reduces energy costs about 26 percent and carbon-dioxide emissions 15 percent versus its previous supply deal.
Volkswagen, whose German facilities consume more power than Jamaica, this year will inaugurate a 70-megawatt gas-fired station at a component plant in Kassel. Europe’s largest carmaker may add at least five more generators in coming years, according to Raimund Wunder, the head of power-plant unit Volkswagen Kraftwerk GmbH.
“We’re planning to expand our own generation step by step,” Wunder said. “This gives us access to a secure energy supply and makes us more independent.”
Backed by facilities like a 300-megawatt coal-fired station at its Wolfsburg headquarters, VW already generates 63 percent of the 4.3 terawatt-hours it consumes in Germany annually. VW also saw a business opportunity in the trend toward energy independence, teaming up with clean-energy company LichtBlick SE to offer an at-home generator that consumers can use to produce their own power."

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