Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Great Lakes to get relief from low water levels

I have to cite this article because:

  1. It's an issue taken up by grass roots folks concerned with the changes to their environment
  2. They were told it wasn't a problem resulting from the dredging, for decades
  3. That picture is taken not far from my home

Great Lakes to get relief from low water levels: Porter | Toronto Star:
Picture from source article
If you love Georgian Bay, as I do, I have good news for you.
We might be getting more water soon. Or, more aptly: we might stop losing as much water as we have been these past 14 years.
After years of cheerleading the “do-nothing” approach to the frightening drop in water levels on Lakes Huron and Michigan, the binational referee of water levels, the International Joint Commission, did a stunning about-face last Friday.
It instructed the Canadian and American governments to do something. In particular, research putting an adjustable plug in the St. Clair River, which drains water from Lakes Huron and Michigan down toward Lake Erie.
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