Monday, February 28, 2011

Costly hydro towers sit idle | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

Costly hydro towers sit idle | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

The Toronto Sun reports on a stalled transmission line that explains a paragraph for the recent IESO 18-month outlook that had me puzzled.  It stated:

5.3.3 Niagara Zone
The completion date for transmission reinforcements from the Niagara region into the Hamilton-Burlington area continues to be delayed. This delay impacts the use of the available Ontario generation in the Niagara area, particularly during hot weather and high demand periods. The failed R76 voltage regulator and the BP76 circuit are expected to return to service by the end of 2012. This bypass will remain available for use if required until the R76 voltage regulator returns.

This leaves the opposite impression of the Sun article - but that doesn't mean the Independent Electricity System Operator is the more reliable source.  Sir Adam Beck Generating Stations is in Niagara, and it seems more likely the transmission line is to move power into the rest of Ontario than it is Niagara Falls is needing power from Hamilton.  With Surplus Baseload Generation continuing to grow as a problem as our supply mix becomes increasingly irrational, it also may be needed to get more excess power to market in New York State, but the expansion of the generating capacity in Niagara Falls (the Big Becky project) must be related to more transmission capacity.

The Sun article states a Caledonia aboriginal land claim.  It might be legally true - but the Six Nations know they aren't native to the area.

This is a property dispute.

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