Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nuclear Power Policy Refinement at the Green Party of Canada

A policy proposal posted on the Green Party of Canada's website today

Nuclear Power Policy Refinement | Green Party of Canada:
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that G08-136:  Energy  Transition  Plan be revised to state the following:
The  Green  Party  of  Canada,  as  part  of  its  Plan  for  Canada's Green  Century,  will  establish  a  Federal  Ministry  of  Energy  Transition  to  ensure  that  there  is  a coordinated  Federal  Energy  Transition  Plan  to  effect  the  transition  from  a  fossil  fuel  based economy  to  one  based  on  the  sustainable  use  of  renewable  energy  and inherently safe nuclear power with  a  target  reduction  of  85%  reduction  of  fossil  fuel  consumption  by  2040"
Read the background argurment and full proposal at the Green Party of Canada

"Green Party members are urged to watch the movie "Pandora's Promise", a thought-provoking documentary directed by Robert Stone and/or to read "Nuclear 2.0 - Why a Green Future Needs Nuclear Power" by Mark Lynas. If time is limited, please at least watch the 20 minute GREENS vs NUCLEAR video that consolidates the key issues being confronted."

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