Thursday, September 4, 2014

more On Importing More Electricity from Québec

The latest Aegent Energy Advisors newsletter post is, characteristically, a substantial contribution to a discussion instigated by an insubstantial, but popular, proposal

On Importing More Electricity from Québec… | Aegent Energy Advisors Inc.:
  • Some believe that Ontario could tap into cheap imports from Québec to offset our substantially more expensive electricity. In reality, this is a complex technical and economic decision that would not reduce power rates in Ontario for many years to come.
  • With the two provinces having somewhat complementary electricity load profiles, the current market-based imports and exports between the two are working as intended: each province has the ability to purchase electricity from the other province when market conditions are favourable to do so.
  • There may be some point beyond 2018, when Ontario would need to procure additional resources to meet its adequacy target. If Québec could offer firm imports into Ontario when there is a need - at a cost cheaper than other available options - then a case could be made for firm imports.
Read the entire post at Aegent Energy Advisors Inc.:

I wrote my piece on the topic a while ago: Ontario's electricity future isn't this Quebec Diversion

The new Aegent post concludes:
Since Québec does not have enough power to meet their winter peak, the OPA and IESO would need to ensure that there would be enough firm imports available during the winter when Ontario consumes more electrical energy. This seems unlikely unless Québec builds another megaproject. The last time Québec attempted to build a megaproject to provide another jurisdiction with “cheap, clean, reliable” power; the project was cancelled and never built.

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