Friday, April 1, 2011

Quebec's Shame Running Strongly Again This Election.

Harper's pledge an 'attack' on Quebec: Duceppe

Canadians don't pay much attention to Quebec politics, but this article really points out how the atheistic Duceppe assume Quebec has a divine right to suckle on every teat on earth.

Quebec Hydro earns about $2 billion dollars every year reselling the output of Newfoundland and Labrador's Churchill Falls hydroelectric dam. It was a pretty bad deal signed back in the 1960's - with the federal courts demanding Newfoundland respect the deal in the 1980's. Being landlocked, Quebec abandoned concepts of free trade, inter-provincial trade, and any semblance of decency, to get the deal done.

Newfoundland honours the deal - but is fighting for a route to get additional immensely valuable hydro-electric resources to people in fair markets desiring cleaner energy.  

Quebec signed a deal when it harmonized the sales taxes - and it did so to maintain control on exemptions, and it is eliminating exemptions that is the justification for the tax.

Quebec's petty populist says obviously Quebec's adversaries should keep their word when bullied and conned by Quebec, but not vice versa - that he calls stealing.

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