Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Overview of Smart Meter Jurisdictions From the Guardian

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Australia: "The aim was to save energy costs through using power at non-peak times, but fears arose that large-scale businesses would be better equipped than small households to reap these rewards.'
"In November 2009, Victoria's auditor-general published a damning report that highlighted gaps in accountability, flaws in cost-benefit analysis and high technological risks. The report's concerns over the inequity of the project's economic outcomes led to a March 2010 moratorium"
Amsterdam: "The bill was later amended to allow voluntary participation in the smart meter scheme. Consumer groups claimed they had issued a forceful reminder to governments that many people consider their personal privacy a higher priority than their electricity bill."
The Ontario section might have noted that the 6.5% reduction in energy use in the pilot was a Toronto Hydro pilot in the cool summer of 2009's recession -- and that the entire province had a reduction of the same magnitude, whether on smart meters or economical ones.

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