Thursday, April 28, 2011

NY Times Blog notes EIA isn't calling for emissions to increase

A blog entry at the New York Times today reviewed the revised US Energy Information Administration (EIA) Annual Energy Outlook.

They emphasized the part where emissions, which the EIA had forecast to grow 37% by 2030 in 2006, they now forecast emissions to remain below 2005's level until 2027 -- and that's planning on no major legislative programs, and coal remaining the workhorse of American electricity generation.

I note the bullet on the IESO site on revisions to the preliminary report from a few months ago:
  • Revised amount of wind builds in 2012 (7 rather than 10 gigawatts) 
Figure 3 in the Executive Summary indicates that 2012 is also the year wind ceases to grow (and solar follows it into holding at a steady level in 2015).  The longer-term non-hydroelectric renewable bets are on biomass and geothermal.

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