Saturday, September 8, 2012

Out of the Nuclear Closet

A blunt assessment, from nuclear supporters, of the requirements for a nuclear renaissance.

Out of the Nuclear Closet - By Jessica Lovering, Ted Nordhaus, and Michael Shellenberger | Foreign Policy:
As long as nuclear technology is characterized by enormous upfront capital costs, it is likely to remain just a hedge against overdependence on lower-cost coal and gas, not the wholesale replacement it needs to be to make a serious dent in climate change. Developing countries need large plants capable of bringing large amounts of new power to their fast-growing economies. But they also need power to be cheap. So long as coal remains the cheapest source of electricity in the developing world, it is likely to remainking.
The most worrying threat to the future of nuclear isn't the political fallout from Fukushima -- it's economic reality. 
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