Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In the Ottawa Citizen: Ontario Electricity Costs 48 Times greater than in 2006

I know it's a letter to the editor from a Charlatan, but I'm still amazed at the combination of fake environmentalism and declining mainstream media standards
Clean electricity:
The addition of renewable energy sources is not to blame for increases to electricity prices in Ontario. According to a recent Ontario Energy Board report, 45 per cent of the increase in Ontario's electricity generation costs since 2006 is associated with nuclear power, while only six per cent of the increase is due to renewable energy.
The OEB's Market Surveillance panel reported that the obscure global adjustment pool was 45% due to nuclear since 2006, but they did not say that was responsible for the increase in Ontario's electricity supply costs because that would be an ignorant thing to say - or a lie if one did understand it.

The global adjustment over the past 12 months is $6, 320 million.
In 2006 it was $130 million.

For the global adjustment to equate with the increase in generation costs, bills would need to have increased to 48.6 times 2006 levels.

They have not.

I addressed this particular ignorance/lie when it started back in May on my original content blog: Dead for Left: Greenpeace has a new lie

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