Wednesday, October 10, 2012

World Wildlife Fund wants to protect endangered German coal plants

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) commissioned a study that reportedly calls for capacity markets to maintain, and add, coal and gas capacity in Germany.  Capacity markets are an economic tool often described as a subsidy ... although far less of a subsidy than Ontario's Net Revenue Requirement contracts

WWF wants to protect German coal plants - 100% renewable - Renewables International:
The debate about capacity markets in Germany has taken another interesting turn. Because so many gas turbines and coal plants are increasingly unprofitable, the WWF is concerned that this capacity will be removed.
A study (only in German) conducted for the WWF by Germany's Institute of Applied Ecology and consulting firms LBD and Raue LLP and released yesterday finds that Germany's energy transition will not only lead some 20 gigawatts of nuclear capacity to be shut down, but also that "endangers" more than 10 gigawatts of current conventional capacity. The study finds, however, that five gigawatts of dispatchable power plants will have to be added by 2020 and an additional ten by 2030 to support the switch to renewables over the interim.
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