Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trust and Policy: George Herbert Walker Obama

A fascinating article from Andrew Ferguson, who took part in the unsuccessful campaign to re-elect George H. Bush.  He sees parallels between a President's campaign 20 years ago, and the current one's campaign.
I was looking at polling on the US presidential election yesterday and the data trends are not very promising for President Obama, who leads in two educational demographics - the least educated (high school or less) and the most educated (post graduate).  The most educated are the least numerous, ant the least educated are also the least likely to vote. 
My expectation is that the President will fail to collect as many votes as Mitt Romney.  
My guess his Romney will also win the electoral College.

George Herbert Walker Obama | The Weekly Standard:
Any veteran of the ’92 presidential campaign has learned to identify marks of intellectual exhaustion. The déjà vu this year is especially creepy. President Bush went to a Waffle House to illustrate Bill Clinton’s “waffling” on the issues. He took to calling Al Gore “Ozone Man,” and surrogates warned darkly of Clinton’s unexamined past, just as the president today dwells on Big Bird and “Romnesia,” and his surrogates raise half-baked questions about foreign bank accounts. Both presidents are dignified men, yet their campaigns have felt compelled to abase themselves in the same way for the same reason. They couldn’t think of anything else to say.
I see you can buy Agenda on Amazon for $141. It’s a ridiculous price, but I briefly thought of buying a copy anyway, for old time’s sake. Then I realized I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I had it—like an incumbent with a second term.
Read the entire article at The Weekly Standard:

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