Saturday, March 23, 2013

CANDU: Embalse wins loan for longer life

Embalse wins loan for longer life | World Nuclear News:
The Development Bank of Latin America has issued its first loan for a nuclear project to support the refurbishment and licence extension of Argentina's Embalse nuclear power plant.
The loan was announced on 19 March by the president of the bank, Enrique Garcia, and the Argentinean minister of planning, public investment and services, Julio De Vido.
Amounting to $240 million, it will help Nucleoelectrica Argentina SA (NA-SA) in refurbishing the Candu pressurized heavy-water reactor at Embalse. This means replacing the pressure tubes, installing new steam generators, new control systems and increasing its power output by 35 MWe to around 635 MWe net in the process. The work could begin this November.
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