Thursday, March 7, 2013

US power grid costs rise, but service slips

The grid is a major topic, and Jonathan Fahey's article has something for most interested in it.  
The data background for article comes from an Associated Press comparison of, "reliability statistics with the spending of 210 utilities across 24 categories of local distribution equipment."

US power grid costs rise, but service slips:
An Associated Press analysis of utility spending and reliability nationwide found that electric customers are spending 43 percent more than they did in 2002 to build and maintain local electric infrastructure. Since then, power outages have remained infrequent; but when the lights do go out, it now takes longer to get them back on.
Neither the spending nor the reliability trends are dramatic on their own. But experts say the combination is revealing: it suggests that the extra money from electric customers isn't being spent wisely—or that utilities aren't investing nearly enough to upgrade fragile equipment that is increasingly threatened by major storms.
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