Monday, June 17, 2013

Holland's CPB says plans for wind turbines can be delayed

CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (aka Central Planning Bureau) has reportedly called for halting the build-out of more electricity generation capacity from wind turbines, until such time as there is a need for more generation capacity.

Brilliant -  the obvious application of basic economics

The plans to put more wind turbines on land can be postponed. The best 5 years This enables the Central Planning Bureau (CPB) Monday that looked at the request of the government to the financial effects of the plans.

According to the CPB is postponing the surgery to achieve 3,500 megawatts of wind power on land the best now during the economic crisis, little demand for energy. There is overcapacity and the prices are so low that any extension of the production loss, according to the planning office indicating that electricity prices will rise as the economy picks up again.
The disadvantage is that it is difficult for the Netherlands to honor agreements that 16 percent of all energy generated sustainably in 2020 and emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2 by 20 percent should be reduced. The delay could result in fines of the European Union, but the goals in the areas such as environment and climate has little effect, according to the CPB
Read the entire article - in Dutch

So when somebody says the cost of the Liberal party moving the plants was $595 million they should be aware that accepts $430 million will be saved by not building generation while we have a surplus of capacity given continued moribund demand.
And yet ...we are about to build a lot of new generation that will, at best, displace natural gas generation with a value of $35-$40 in Ontario.  
... and for Twitter, I did some quick calculations regarding the cost of building out unnecessary supply in Ontario:

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