Sunday, June 9, 2013

San Onofre nuclear to retire, decommission

An interesting article on the factors behind the decision to close the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), and some of the reprecussions of the closure

SONGS to retire, decommission | ANS Nuclear Cafe:
This morning, Edison International, parent company of Southern California Edison, made an announcement that it had decided to permanently retire the two-unit San Onofre
Nuclear Generating Station in California.  Later in the morning, it held a teleconference to expand upon the details provided in the press release.
Edison President Ted Craver made it very clear during the teleconference, when asked about recovery for the project costs and the decision making process that led to this morning’s announcement, that the “definitive” event was the May 13 ruling by the ASLB (Atomic Safety and Licensing Board) that made it clear to the owners that the restart process would be a “long, uncertain” process that was not likely to result in any sort of final go/no-go restart decision potentially for over a year.
My former neighbours in the western suburbs of Toronto might note the comments from the utility regarding options for replacing the power (...but probably won't)
...the “best case” replacement generating capacity would be in the L.A. basin, and would combine natural gas fired combined-cycle base load plants with natural gas peakers and some new transmission line. Should extra generating capacity not be possible in the basin, a good deal of transmission line would have to be built.

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