Friday, October 18, 2013

Without Nuclear Power, Japan CO2 Emissions Rise

Without Nuclear Power, Japan CO2 Emissions Rise - Japan Real Time - WSJ:
Japan’s greenhouse-gas emissions climbed to their second-highest level on record in the last fiscal year, mainly because the country used more fossil fuels to make up for the loss of power produced by nuclear plants, all of which are now offline."
Japan produced the equivalent of 1.207 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide in the year ended March 2013, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said Wednesday. That was up 2.8% from the previous year, 7.4% higher than the year right before the Fukushima nuclear accident, and 14% more than fiscal 1990-1991, the benchmark year for the Kyoto Protocol, which calls for cuts in CO2 emissions.

Ontarians were notified of higher rates yesterday; a day when the Ontario Power Authority and Hydro One were among those that brought the anti-nuclear David Suzuki to Ontario, where he congratulated Japan on not using nuclear and reducing consumption.

I consider it simply negligent that Ontario's electricity rates are being used to fund appearances by Suzuki, who has become a national embarassment with his faux climate science schtick (maybe they just want to keep Suzuki from further embarrassing Canada on foreign television appearances)

Since 1990 Ontario's emissions have dropped despite population growth of ~27% (reckless pop. growth apparently, as Suzuki claims we are full)
Japan's emissions have grown over that period; its population is stagnant (up ~2% since 1990)

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