Thursday, February 3, 2011

FITs with Tyler Hamilton - UnFIT with Aldyen Donnelly.

I found Tyler Hamilton's, Ontario needs to rethink role of “green” gas a good article with a very debatable conclusion.
Enbridge owns wind assets in Ontario and is buying up solar assets rapidly. They are voracious eaters at the FIT banquet.  I doubt they are concerned about the limitations of the FIT program - only the dollars they can extract with the next addition to it.

The problem is the FIT structure itself - as opposed to Renewable Energy Standards ... or simply standards as opposed to bureaucratic and/or financial trickery.  FITs limit the innovation potential of the market by design.
It isn't an oversight - it is a characteristic of the mechanism itself.

Aldyen Donnelly wrote about this today - the curious should browse all her work over at Energy Probe.

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