Thursday, February 17, 2011

Now CANwea's butt kissing is even annoying ....

The latest media release is titled "Ontario's commitment to wind energy strengthens investor confidence."  This latest addition to the fascist dance of the 'green' 'stakeholders' even annoyed Tyler Hamilton, who was quick to post a blog entry titled Is Canadian Wind Energy Association turning its back on offshore wind?

Kudos to Mr. Hamilton for calling out the brown nosing ... but perhaps Mr. Hamilton missed the implications from today's announcements, which were all built around a newly dated ministerial directive to the OPA.  A directive essentially unchanged despite the minister's invitation for public input last year.
It must not have been meaningful input.

-2 more coal plants to be closed by the end of 2011 (at Nanticoke), and then ...
-all remaining coal units seem to be under review for 'conversion' to natural gas (which my research indicates is a stupid concept.  They'll tear down and rebuild on the same site - which isn't a stupid concept, but nobody should imply there are savings in just doing a little tinkering on the old units, as there is no precedent of this happening anywhere in the past).
-the 'renewable' goals are the same.

So the minister did announce all the plans for offshore are moved ashore.  This on a day where legal beagles for the province were suggesting victims of IWT's wear earplugs.

Only 230 more sleeps until they get some more meaningful input.


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