Wednesday, February 9, 2011

TheStar Green Power: Big Becky nears the finish line

TheStar Green Power: Big Becky nears the finish line

Here's some interesting math on the costs of this project,  At a rate of $70/MWh, and an interest rate of 5%, it would take 25 years to get back to even if you were accounting for this like a private sector project.
That's before the water usage charges that the piratization gang insist the public generator should be paying for use of the public's water.


If public hydro power received the same rate the is paid to prirate sector, it's about 2 years of how much money is denied Ontario Power Generation (OPG) for hydro generation and blended into your rate to pay the prirate sector - primarily gas but increasing also wind and solar - higher rates.  

3.7 cents/kWh is the price OPG receives for approximately 30 million MW of hydro output each year.
6.5 cents/kWh is what Ontario consumers paid, in 2010 for all electricity, including Ontario Hydro's clean hydro output.

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