Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fantastic Article at treehugger.com

For Saving Energy, Like Real Estate, The Three Most Important Things Are Location, Location and Location
By Lloyd Alter of the Ryerson School For Interior Design

I struggled through writing out a rant today, and in cleaning it up lost all the points I was making on the problems Orillia's previous city council encountered trying to maintain a vibrant downtown as the car culture continued to dominate.

Well, this treehugger article notes:
  • Where you live is the most important determinant of how much gasoline you use;
  • The size and type of unit is the next most important factor;
  • All that green goodness of solar panels and green gizmos are almost unimportant in comparison.
A great article.
I hope everybody who visits my blog takes the time to read it.

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