Thursday, March 3, 2011

If Baghdad Bob was in Ontario, he'd work at The Toronto Star

TheStar Cohn: A sniff test for Ontario’s green politicians

Mr. Cohn begins, "With elections in the air, green groups are seeing red in Ontario"
Indeed - but the groups he refers to as green really aren't - and the red they are seeing is financial losses as their scam, and it's sugar daddy premier, are sent packing. Parker Gallant, and others at Wind Concerns Ontario (WCO), are keeping track of the few 'green' players, and tallying up the total gifted, from us, to the toadies in this 'green' grouping.

Environmental Defense is not only not particularly environmental, the most elitist sentiment in Ontario mouthed this year was Mr. Smith's disgust, as a 'stakeholder', in hearing of the off-shore moratorium from a reporter.  Taxpayers are stakeholders - Mr. Smith would likely fly away if he saw somebody holding a stake.
It is a big secret, at Wind Concerns Ontario, that " the Progressive Conservatives have stirred up opposition to wind turbines."  Well, it's not really a secret.  It's a lie.  Mr. Hudak is certainly turning up his appeal to those fighting the wind madness, but he's not a significant force, let alone an initiator, in resisting IWTs.
Most offensive about Mr. Cohn's abdication of personal responsibility for thought, is his attempt to out individual thinkers as anti-environment.  Mike Schreiner shouldn't be appalled by the process of bulldozing municipal rights with the GEA.  Peter Kormos shouldn't recognize the foolishness of IWT's because it clashes with his party's position.  It is shocking to only a twit that Randy Hillier and John Tory could differ in their opinions, and phasing out little used coal plants will make little difference to air quality (not using them much does - it's not imperative to throw out infrequently needed capacity).

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