Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hydro One's Smart Communication with A Customer

I received this e-mail from Hydro One, my provider, last night:

Important Notice, Potential Postal Disruption
Dear Hydro One Customer,

In the event of a postal disruption, you are still responsible to keep your account current.  You can view your bills online at  All payments can be made online using internet banking or at any financial institution in Canada.
Hydro One

Thanks for that Hydro One - but, it has been years since I received a hard copy of a bill, so maybe you should have checked the customers you have e-mail addresses for to see if they were on eBilling with ePost.
I hate to point out the shortcomings of your customer service communications in this time where your service provider may be inconveniencing you through sudden service removal.  A couple of suggestions I have from the same situation with a different service provider.

Get a wood stove.
One of those Portable Car batteries with a couple of outlets that Canadian Tire sells can run a couple of items for several hours.  That probably is sufficient for most.
I have a generator.

I'm not sure what the parallel solutions in your situation would be.  Maybe you know some meter readers who have some free time to deliver bills.

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