Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NYISO inks power deal with Quebec

NYISO inks power deal with Quebec | Electric Power News | Energy Central

This actually relates to a number of stories on this blog.  The savings are reported as coming from, "reduced transmission congestion costs, better integration of renewable energy generated on the grid and lower overall operating costs."
A wider better connected grid.  And it isn't the only connection the NYISO has been pursuing:

NYISO officials said the increased power coming into the state from Quebec will likely benefit upstate New York the most. ...
Wind farms, most of which are located upstate, also pose problems because they produce electricity at night when the demand for power is the weakest. Bringing in electricity from out of state gives the grid operators more options in bringing supply to where it is needed the most...
The NYISO is also working on other plans to connect with other transmission control areas that could save customers $175 million annually.

This is all nice for the planet, and New York, and Quebec.  I'm in Ontario, and the situation for me appears to be:
1.  I am not better connected to the NYISO because nobody has the guts or the ambition to deal with the Caledonia uprising impacting a strengthened Ontario connection.
2.  I pay about 12 cent/kWh to wind suppliers who will sell much of it to Quebec at under 4 cents/kWh to fill their reservoirs until they can sell it to upstate NY at 6 cents/kWh
3.  Jurisdictions near the Chateaugay interface are preparing to market their cheap power supply to lure Ontario businesses south.

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