Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Propoganda from Ontario's Government on Electricity Issues

I offer this rebuttal to the 4 bullet points on the main release from Queen's Park: “On Track To Grow Clean Energy Economy

Replacing dirty coal-fired plants with cleaner sources of power such as wind, solar, and biomass - for the first quarter of this year, the use of coal was down 90 per cent compared to the same period in 2003.”
It was, which equated to a little under 11TWh. I estimate demand was down 3.5TWh, nuclear output up about 6.3TWh, and natural gas-fired production up 3.5 TWh. But that 13.3TWh apparently didn't replace the 11TWh in the government's mind, it was done by the single TWh of electricity from “cleaner sources of power such as wind, solar, and biomass.” My explanation of the reduced coal use is here.

Bringing more than 8,900 megawatts of new electricity supply online, including 2,000 megawatts from sustainable, renewable sources.“

The OPA just reported 13318MW of suppy since 2005, but that incuded 1562MW of recontracted hydro, the filthy 2140 Lennox plant contracted essentially as an emergency strategic reserve, 1500MW at Bruce where work started in 2001 (online 2005). With Bruce the figure is low, and without it the figure is high, Regardless, the figures would comprise of about 2000MW of 'green', and over 4000MW, which happens to end up costing around 10 cents/kWh currently (the plan is to make it more expensive by using it less often), and then just under another 1000MW is CHP, which is apparently receiving over 20 cents/kWh recently.1

Ontarians have saved 1,700 megawatts of electricity through conservation “

The 1700MW statement originates in the average hourly electricity consumption difference between 2005 (17919MW) and 2010 (16232MW). The biggest drop here is in the industrial sector (see slide 13 of this OPA presentation), but I've also tracked the demand peaking in the adjacent states of Michigan and New York (here). The claim could be made we saved 1700MW by gutting manufacturing, or simply by using the same advanced products our neighbours do.

Helping Ontarians make the transition to a cleaner electricity system, the government is taking 10 per cent off electricity bills for families, farmers and small businesses for the next five years. The Ontario Clean Energy Benefit will save the average family about $150 per year.

We have a deficit - taking 10% off our hydro bills means servicing more debt in the future. We did that as we cut corporate taxes. So where is the tax revenue coming from?
Below average families?

1See the testimony from the Ministry of Energy's Mr. Jennings here.

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