Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ontario's Professional Engineers Fail To Take a Stand

OSPE has posted a submission regarding the Integrated Power System Plan 2011 (IPSP).

"OSPE is concerned about several aspects of the plan which we believe do not adequately address the severe planning challenges that previous government energy policy decisions and the recent Supply Mix Directive (SMD) and Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) have imposed on the OPA. Until the SMD and LTEP are modified, the IPSP should identify the engineering and cost impacts so that the need to revisit the SMD and LTEP is clearly appreciated."

Liberal Arts Translation:
We think the government's directives that the IPSP is supposed to build on are asinine.  The OPA should cost out the directives given to it only to make it obvious the directives are the problem.
My submitted comments on the draft SMD
It wasn't improved when finalized.

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