Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Refurbished CANDU 6 Returns to Service

Wolsong 1 has returned to service in South Korea, and is currently operating at 100% capacity.  The reactor first entered service April 22, 1983.

Other CANDU refurbishments also seem to be hitting stride lately.
In New Brunswick, Point Lepreau, the initial failures with the calandria tubes is overcome, with all tubes now installed, and testing completed, in the reactor vessel.  NB Power now expects the return to power by the fall of 2012, with an operational life of 25-30 years following that.

In Ontario, Bruce Power is further along, with the fuel load completed on Unit 2 (less than 1 year following the installation of the final calandria tube).

"Pending further regulatory approvals, Unit 2 is expected to synchronize with the province’s electrical grid by the end of the year, followed by Unit 1 early next year. "

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