Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Duncan And McGuinty Sing Opposite Songs

Duncan accuses right wing newspapers and TV of intentionally misleading voters (Ont-Election-2011) | Oilweek Magazine

Dwight says:

"Equalization has nothing to do with the strength of the economy," he said. "It has everything to do with who has oil and natural gas and who doesn´t. You are simply being dishonest, as is anybody who pumps that tripe."
OK, so the point is everybody pays into the fund, and Ontario shouldn't be considered a have-not because it also takes a little out.
All provinces without oil and natural gas do.

Fair enough.

At the same time, his boss is singing a whole other tune.

Ontario tax dollars supporting energy in the West, McGuinty says

“For years, if not decades, governments in Ottawa of all political stripes have sought to find ways to transfer Ontario tax dollars into Western Canada to support the oil and gas industry,”
Seems to have been a savvy strategy as Ontario's Finance Minister notes those are the provinces that are funding equalization payments without receiving any of the pot back.

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