Monday, August 8, 2011

Monbiot Responds to Goodall

Greens must not prioritise renewables over climate change | George Monbiot and Chris Goodall | Environment |

'When the government's statutory advisers propose a shorter timescale for cutting emissions than one of Britain's leading greens, we should ask ourselves some hard questions about our priorities.'
 'Sometimes it seems to me that greens are putting renewables first, climate change second.We have no obligation to support the renewables industry – or any other industry – against its competitors. Our obligation is to persuade policy-makers to bring down emissions and reduce other environmental impacts as quickly and effectively as possible.'
This is the third in a series, answering "Why the UK must choose renewables over nuclear: an answer to Monbiot," by Jonathon Porritt, which in turn was a response to Monbiot's "Why must UK have to choose between nuclear and renewable energy?"

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