Sunday, August 21, 2011

Toronto Star Participating in Campaign of Obfuscation

The Star: High Cost of Cancelling the Green Energy Act

Tim Wohlgemut is co-founder of ClearSky Advisors, a research firm focused on the renewable energy sector. Their reports are available online athttp://www.clearskyadvisors.comTim Weis is director of renewable energy and efficiency policy for the Pembina Institute, a national, non-partisan sustainable energy think tank. The Institute’s reports Ontario electricity options are available online at

I've written a couple of pieces that touch on the fake 'studies' from Clearsky and Pembina that are designed simply to bolster the industries that pay them (incuding Pembina is an Oilfield)

Both have been utilized in the Ontario election campaign as the campaign designed, by the Sussex Strategy Group, to obfuscate, confuse, and deceive.

In this, it will be critical to “confuse” the issue in the political/public/media away from just price to include key value attributes such as jobs, clean air, farm income, etc. Renewables cannot be defined by price alone.

The Clearsky Advisors report noted in the Star's opinion piece, co-written by an author of the Clearsky Advisors report, was paid for by CANwea who wanted the same type of study Clearsky gave the solar folks, when paid to do so the previous year.  Both reports are nonsensical.

The other co-writer is a writer of the deceptive Pembina report.

I'd suggest that this piece in the Star is clear indication of the ENGO's, and the Star, actively campaigning.
The federal government should look to remove any charitable status.  Donations to Pembina should cease to be tax deductible.
Funding to ENGO's participating in a political campaign should also be cut, as should advertising in publications that print nonsense, like the Star has once again done.

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