Wednesday, September 14, 2011

German Competition Commission Report Notes RPS Style Market for Renewables

2011 Monopolies Commission Report on Competition in Gas and Electricity Markets « German Energy Blog:

"Market distortions result to a considerable degree from the legal framework regulating renewable energy sources (the main law being the Renewable Energy Sources Act – EEG), the Commission remarks. With the expected increase of electricity generated from renewable energy sources (following Germany’s decision to abandon nuclear power), market distortions are likely to further increase, having a negative impact for consumers, the Monopolies Commission predicts. It calls for a switch to a “long-overdue” more market-oriented system and suggests to introduce a quota scheme, in which energy traders would be obliged to purchase a certain share of renewable energy for their portfolio."
I did point out this was a possibility in yesterday's post citing a separate German Energy Blog entry.

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