Thursday, September 29, 2011

Florida FPL customers Complain About Only $196 Million

FPL customers to prepay for nuclear plants?:

Hilarious - if you've got a quirky enough sense of humour.

FPL is asking the commission to approve an additional 23 cents a month that would begin with January's bills for improvements and increased capacity at the two nuclear plants that are already operating.
FPL is seeking approval for nuclear planning costs that would add $1.76 to the typical bill. Along with increased energy conservation and environmental costs, the typical customer bill could increase by $2.81, to $99.35 from $96.54.
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In Ontario, FPL is behind Nextera, which is behind a couple of companies that wisely hired the firm of former Liberal Premier David Peterson and were, months later, offered 468.5MW of FIT contracts for industrial wind turbine generation (some info is here).
Only accounting for the FIT rate, those contacts are likely to bump bills by over 1.5%.
Accounting for the other costs of wind generation in Ontario (as I did here), the Ontario wind deals with FPL's companies are likely, over the course of the contracts, to add closer to $6 billion to Ontario bills.

MW Capacity Capacity Factor Rate ($/MWh) Annual Costs (M's) 20-year Fit Costs ($Ms) % of $10 Billion Current Market
468.5 0.3

FIT 135 $166.21 $3,324.29 1.66%
Rate Including Other Factors 232 $285.64 $5,712.85 2.86%

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