Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tom Adams' Meaningful Thoughts on Controlling Power Rates

Cutting Ontario’s Future Power Rates | Tom Adams Energy - ideas for a smarter grid:

"The main driver for escalating electricity rates in Ontario is the current government’s policy of using the sector to create a surge of short term employment, with no care for the long term impact on consumers. But electricity is one of the most capital intensive components of the economy. Artificial job creation in the power sector is burdening the economy with decades of unnecessarily inflated power costs. Consumers need an electricity sector requiring fewer, not more, employees.

Here are some ideas to address the underlying problems causing rates to increase. These remarks here build upon my previous posting of May 10, 2010 “Ontario Power Bill Rip-Off: Solutions”. My main focus in this post is on two basic changes in governance.

  • Repeal the Green Energy Act
  • Depoliticize decisionmaking

I have also framed eight particular policy issues that are so complex and multifaceted that they are best suited for consideration in focused policy review processes.

The approach recommended here is to reorient policy toward consumer value but to avoid revolutionary changes."

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