Monday, October 10, 2011

GEGEA Home for Sale - Act Quick!

backspilt level house with 1 acre near shores of Lake Huron - London Real Estate For Sale - Kijiji London Canada.:
"Gorgeous property situated close to Lake Huron. Severed 1 acre with privacy and view. If you voted for the Liberals and are a fan of green energy and want to see your tax dollars at work you will be excited to see these Wind turbines with your view as a bonus,also situated for this area will be plenty more in the works for your great viewing .Also with this property M.O.E will personally guarantee that these turbines will not harm you with no health related problems in any way which is guaranteed by MOE and our Ontario Health minister. We will only take appointments to tour this beautiful home."
Interesting approach.
Personally I'd also note I think I see an excellent Pacific Energy woodstove in the home.

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