Saturday, October 15, 2011

CANES: Nuclear Energy for Variable Electricity and Liquid Fuels Prodution

An inspirational study that moves well beyond the immature perspective of the LUEC of electricity generation sources, regardless of demand factors, and refreshingly puts electricity policy into an overall energy policy.

Nuclear Energy for Variable Electricity and Liquid Fuels Production: | CANES:
"The world faces two energy challenges: (1) the national security and economic challenge of dependence on foreign oil and (2) the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels to avoid climate change. Nuclear energy as a low-carbon domestic source of energy can address both challenges. However, nuclear energy in the United States is only used for base-load electricity production—about a quarter of the total energy demand. To address the two energy challenges, we have initiated a series of studies to understand long-term nuclear renewable energy futures for a low-carbon world that can meet all energy demands. This includes liquid fossil fuel options with low greenhouse gas releases."

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