Monday, October 3, 2011

Holmes On Suzuki: Screws Loose, Not on the Level and All Out of True

Seriously ...
Home Improvement television personality and faux-science television personality have an opinion to share on how wonderful the Premier, who likely provides indirect funding to both, has done with energy policy.

warning - rant follows
I particularly like the jump from the foresight of James Whitney a century ago in Ontario, to Germany's FIT program of a decade ago.  
Mr. Suzuki, you missed the build-out of the nuclear units that provide 250% more output annually than the hydro you note.
You failed to note the German success isn't reducing GHG's, in fact it's escalating them at an alarming rate.  And they are already 4 times higher than Ontario's. 

Your position is indistinguishable from a climate-change denialist position.  You aren't even attempting to base your opinions on observable fact anymore - and you were a scientist.
Your sure as hell aren't an economist.

Ontario, according to reporting, isn't home to the largest solarvoltaic power plant in the world -- because the output of that would fall under reporting rules and we'd then know the performance of it.  It also didn't create any of the high-end jobs you imply it did.

You are lying about the raise in household rates too.  Most of the escalations people saw before the OCEB bribe were in delivery charges that largely paid for unnecessary grid changes related to bringing more intermittent supply into the mix for no particular reason.  That intermittent supply has contributed greatly to surging exports at rates far below what we pay suppliers.  Because wind is must take - and the promise is to build it until every farmer is driven off their property - we also had to pay natural gas generators base payments.  That makes the same output the US is paying under 5 cents for cost over 10 here.
Complicated to be sure.
 Tough to quantify for sure 
- but under 1% is most certainly a flagrant lie 

You did get the memo that Smitherman lied, didn't you?

Perhaps the most ridiculous statement made refers to "the engineers and entrepreneurs that dream them up. Good-paying, full-time positions. We aren’t talking temporary or part-time jobs in the service sector."  The Clean Energy Patent Growth Index tracks innovation, via US patent applications.  In the most recent quarter Ontario had 9 - up from 6 in the same quarter 3 years earlier.  Up 50% over the 3 years.
New York state had 52 patents in the most recent quarter - up 150%, Michigan 38, also about 150% up, and Korea had 41, up from only 8, or 500%, from the same period 3 years ago.
German had only 29 - like Ontario only about a 50% improvement over the past 3 years.

The FIT program seems to be making Canada an intellectual backwater and a laughing stock as the branch plant economy is reinvented by the GEGEA.  
It has to do with guaranteed returns discouraging innovation guys.

It's complicated.
You might want to fix a house instead -- or maybe a fruit fly.

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