Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Real Price of Wind is "about $130/MWh"

Chart a New Course :: POWER Magazine :: Page 2 of 2:

"The cost for wind’s little or no environmental benefit is high. The EIA’s latest estimates (Annual Energy Outlook 2011, April 2011) of the annualized cost of energy— inclusive of federal subsidies (2009$)—show how unaffordable renewable power is: solar thermal, $312/MWh; new nuclear, $114/MWh; wind, $96/MWh; and natural gas plants, $62/MWh. Given that the EIA report on renewable subsidies comes after the EIA’s AEO 2011 and that wind subsidies have risen substantially (more than $30/MWh) since these EIA estimates were released, it’s reasonable to estimate that the real market price of wind power is about $130/MWh without subsidies."
It's always a little disconcerting to find out that, within the industry, all the deep dark secrets us amateurs uncover were known years ago:

-little, if any, reduction in CO2e emissions
-increasing, not decreasing subsidy

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