Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mississauga MPP Delaney on DRC: Irrelevant and Wrong

Hydro debt retirement: Time for the truth:

The Debt Retirement Charge exists to retire the residual stranded debt.

The residual STRANDED debt has nothing to do with any expenses that followed the breakup of Ontario Hydro.

The ONLY thing the government needs to do is to have the Minister of Finance say what the figure for the Residual Stranded Debt is. He can't and now the whole team is sent out to lie to their constituents instead.

The main change between Ontario 2003 and Ontario 2011, for electricity production, was the additional 23 million MW of generation from nuclear (the previous PC government instigated the return of 2 units at Pickering and 2 at Bruce A), and 10 million MW less demand in Ontario - most of that reduction not being related to the previous PC government.

The Liberals can accept responsibility for the reduction in electricity reduction that has come from gutting the industrial sector.

I'd have no problem with that.
With this article, Delaney is hopefully irrelevant - and he is certainly wrong.

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