Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Unfit for FiT: Hydro Plant Idled

Yesterday, I noted on my original content blog that production from renewable energy sources in Ontario was actually at a relatively low level in the context of the past decades.
Here's one reason why, as yesterday's efficient renewables can't be renewed under the poor feed-in tariff (FiT) program of the past couple of years.

Pulling the plug on Bancroft Light and Power - Bancroft This Week - Ontario, CA:
"In a letter from Bancroft Light and Power Board member Frank Anrep, notice has been given that BLP can no longer make payments on their loan to Infrastructure Ontario (IO).
The letter, dated from December and shared with Bancroft This Week during an interview on Jan. 11 says that "the power plant is in danger of serious and irreparable damage now that winter is here."
The power plant is now sitting idle, in need of around $15,000 in repairs for the turbines and they are also in need of what they deem a fair rate from the Ontario Power Authority for the green hydro they want to produce."

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