Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Interview with Paul Gipe in Renewable Energy Magazine

- Renewable Energy Magazine, at the heart of clean energy journalism:

From an Ontario perspective, the question and answer here communicates that, in Mr. Gipe's sales pitch, $195 is way too much because we need the $135 stuff to balance out the $430 stuff.
Question: "Offshore wind is upon us, offering access to xtensive wind resources, avoiding the public resistance often faced by onshore wind project developers, and helping to forge international partnerships to establish supergrids. Do you envisage the day when existing onshore turbines disappear for good as we move increasingly offshore?"
Answer: Offshore wind is a chimera and a dangerous one at that. Offshore wind is very expensive and while we will need it, just like we’ll need all other sources of renewable energy, we should use it for only a small percentage of supply. Wind on land, because it is so cheap, is what we need to balance the high cost of solar so that the total cost to consumers is manageable.
On a not unrelated note, Mr. Gipe has been communicating a proposal petitioning the Ontario government to alter it's supply mix to up solar to 6000 MW, and keep wind at 7000MW.  The total is not intended to meet any demand need, as is clear from the disjointed logic in Gipe's answer here, but to introduce a volume of unreliable intermittent power sufficient to ensure baseload nuclear cannot coexist.
It's meant to wipe out CANDU, and it would raise Ontario's emissions even more than the green saint Maurice Strong's actions, at the old Ontario Hydro, did.

That, admittedly, would be an accomplishment.

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