Friday, January 20, 2012

More on Germany's struggle with Feed-In Tariffs

PV faces political headwinds in Germany as jobs disappear - Politics - Renewable energy news - Recharge - wind, solar, biomass, wave/tidal/hydro and geothermal:
"Acknowledging that the current system of twice-yearly reductions to the feed-in tariff (FIT) is fuelling end-of-year installation bonanzas, and not curbing overall demand as much as desired, the German solar industry has proposed a new system to environment minister Norbert Röttgen whereby FIT decreases are implemented more regularly – perhaps on a monthly basis."
The full article at ReCharge

If there is such a thing as an honest FIT proponent, the article should give them further cause to reconsider:
Germany shelled out €8bn ($10.4bn) in solar subsidies in 2011, and its current obligations to all FIT-eligible projects over the course of their lifetimes runs to about €100bn.
Solar installations receive more than half of the renewables subsidies doled out in German, but produce only about one-fifth of the country’s renewable electricity – or about 3% of the nation’s total.
“The energy shift is a political decision without a technical concept behind it,” says Stephan Reimelt, chief executive of GE Energy Germany.

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